2015: A beach in limbo... a beach without a plan? © HVL
2015: A beach in limbo... a beach without a plan? © HVL

Hoylake has so many great assets. Its wide expanse of sands, sand dunes and offshore islands are surely its greatest. Indeed Hoylake is world renowned because of them.

Yet there is a sense that our local beach is not achieving its natural potential nor its potential as a place that people can enjoy. There is growing evidence that this part of our foreshore is suffering as a result of a lack of positive management and its quality is in decline. It feels like a beach in limbo... a beach without a plan.

In the past it was a thriving place, with donkey rides, deckchairs, a wonderful swimming pool; lots of activity, lots of enjoyment. A lack of investment and competition from overseas saw all of these things, along with the visitor numbers, disappear.

Nature has played its part too. It is now clear that nature is not going to allow us to retain a Victorian style ‘amenity beach’ ad infinitum.

Times change. We need to be flexible; we need to adapt.

Just as we recognise the need to re-imagine the high street – by delivering ideas such as the Hoylake Beacon project – we think it is time to think again about what we can be done to improve the quality and popularity of our local beach and waterfront.

How can we create a public amenity fit for the 21st century; a beach and promenade that connects more positively with the high street; a more natural, beautiful place that is a safe, pleasant public space to use?

A beach that can play its part in reversing climate change while responding to its impact, providing a natural flood defence and much greater biodiversity…

A beach that is better for wildlife. A beach that is safe for our children…

A beach for the 21st Century.